Create 3D Infographics for Classroom Training Presentations

There are several ways to make classroom training engaging, and one of them is to make the slides in your training presentations visually appealing. You can do this by presenting the training information as infographics instead of normal bullet points. As our brains process visuals faster than text, learners will find it easier to remember information when it is presented visually rather than textually.

This tutorial will present a technique for developing infographics for classroom training presentations. The technique will focus on developing 3D infographics by converting 3D models into 2D editable shapes in PowerPoint. Although, PowerPoint will allow you to directly insert 3D models into slides, it will not allow you to edit the models. You can change the size and camera angle of the models, but you cannot edit their color or modify their shape in PowerPoint. The technique presented in this tutorial helps in overcoming this limitation and allows you to convert 3D models into fully editable shapes in PowerPoint.

Click here to download and use the tutorial.

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